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      1. 中文版

        Ming boring Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Ming boring Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. In the economic prosperity of the developed areas of southern Zhejiang Yueqing White Elephant Town Industrial Park. The company has many years of manufacturing automatic screw assembly machine Washer and teeth grinding machines, automatic screw extruder tile, manufacturing and production experience.



        Product Series


        Application industry


        Best selling nationwide


        Cooperative enterprises

        Product Center

        Our advantage


        Be able to quickly reach a consensus on product R & D, production and supply demand, and provide corresponding solutions.

        Focus on R & D

        Attach great importance to the investment in product R & D, build a scientific and reasonable R & D system, and closely fit the actual needs of customers.

        Provide customization

        Different specifications and functions can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the actual use needs of customers

        Win win cooperation

        Adhering to the development strategy of growing together with well-known enterprises, we will work together to forge ahead, develop together and win the future



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